Alaska Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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An Alaska standard residential lease agreement is used to outline a twelve (12) month contract between a tenant and a landlord although a longer duration is possible. The agreement provides a thorough and definitive set of terms and conditions under which both parties must operate while detailing such provisions as the cost of rent, the existence of a security deposit, and the acceptance of pets on the premises. Landlords are encouraged to screen their applicants through a rental application form to ensure they are capable of covering all applicable costs and responsible enough to care for the property.

LawsAS 34.03-010 – 34.03.380

Required Disclosures (4)

Absence (§ 34.03.150) – The agreement must stipulate that if the tenant leaves the property for more than seven (7) days, then the landlord must be notified.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Federal law requires all housing units built prior to 1978 to issue this disclosure.

Identification (§ 34.03.080) – The landlord must include the person(s) authorized to receive notices for the tenant.

Withholding Security Deposit (§ 34.03.070) – If the landlord would like the option to withhold the security deposit after the lease term, for any reason, the terms must be stated.

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