Alaska Sub-Lease Agreement

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An Alaska Sub-Lease Agreement allows the tenant of a property (called the “Sub-lessor”) to lease out the currently rented property to another potential tenant (called the “Sub-lessee”). The sub-lessee does not directly pay the landlord, but pays the sub-lessor, who then proceeds to pay the landlord. This situation is common for college students or for individuals that want to lessen the burden of their monthly payments. Very similar to what the landlord does to incoming tenants, it is highly recommended that the sub-lessor do a background check on the potential sub-lessee(s). As the sub-lessor, it is typically required to notify your landlord of your new sub-lessee to ensure everyone is on the same page. When the Sub-Lease Agreement is signed, everyone on the property must follow the rules that were instated when the original tenant began renting.

  • Note: In most subleases the original tenant (“Sub-Lessor”) must have the written permission from the landlord stating that they may be able to have the right to sublet the space.