Arkansas Residential Lease Agreement

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This lease agreement is the most popular type of rental contract in Arkansas, and is typically a one (1) year term with monthly payments. This is the perfect type for the individual that would like to rent out their residential property to a non-business tenant, with no complications. Typically the landlord and tenant will agree on the different expenses to be paid regarding the property, including electricity, water, taxes, heat/cold, etc. The landlord should utilize a background check on the individual to ensure he or she is financially stable and has a safe, legal background. The landlord can also ask for a security deposit from the tenant (typically equivalent to one (1) months rent), as to ensure if any non-maintenance related damage to the property occurs, it is paid for in advance.

  • There are no required State disclosure forms. If either party has any questions they should refer to the Landlord-Tenant Handbook.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure – Required by federal law, allows the tenant to be notified of this hazardous paint. Only required to be distributed of the structure was built prior to 1978.