Colorado Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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Favored by individuals that do not know the precise time in which they are going to stay in one property, this Colorado Month-to-Month Lease Agreement consists of a lease agreement that ends at the end of every month, allowing the tenant to continue to renew their lease as long as they wish. While it is easy to suspect that the lease rules may be more lenient if your stay is shorter, that is simply not true.

As the landlord, you should always remember to clarify any rules to the tenant, and act if those rules are broken. Some tenants may feel that they do not need to always inform the landlord of necessary repair bills, causing confusion when their lease is up at the end of the month. To remedy this, the landlord should conduct a background check, because signs of previous dishonesty and poor credit history can change the landlords decision on accepting the tenant in the first place.

Notice to Quit

When submitting notice to a month to month tenant §13-40-107 must be followed which states;

13-40-107. Notice to quit. (***Only Portion of Statute)

(1) A tenancy may be terminated by notice in writing, served not less than the respective period fixed before the end of the applicable tenancy, as follows:

(a) A tenancy for one year or longer, ninety-one days;

(b) A tenancy of six months or longer but less than a year, twenty-eight days;

(c) A tenancy of one month or longer but less than six months, seven days;

Preview of Lease

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