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The Colorado notice to quit forms is given to tenants by landlords when they are in violation of their lease agreement. Under Colorado law effective *May 20, 2019 (HB19-1118), a landlord must give ten (10) days’ notice if the tenant has violated the lease either through not paying rent or another type of non-compliance.

*Prior to May 20, 2019 – The landlord was required to give the tenant three (3) days’ notice.

Three (3) Reasons for Notice

Late Rent (10 days) – Rent in Colorado is legally due on the day stated in the lease agreement, there is no statutory grace period. Therefore, on the second (2nd) day of the month or the day after rent is due, the landlord is entitled to send an official letter to the tenant stating all back-rent and penalties must be paid within ten (10) days or they must leave the property. (§ 13-40-104)

Non-Compliance (10 days) – If the tenant has violated the lease for any reason besides not paying rent on time, the landlord is required to give ten (10) days’ notice. During this time, the tenant is required to fix the issue or vacate the premises. If the notice was sent due to loud music or a single occurrence the tenant can take the notice as a warning. (§ 13-40-104)

Ending a Month-to-Month Lease (See Chart) – This is used for a month-to-month lease (tenancy at will). A landlord or tenant does not have to give a reason to cancel a month-to-month rental agreement in Colorado. The only requirement is to give sufficient notice in accordance with the laws in Colorado. (§ 13-40-107)

Notice to Quit Forms​

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