Colorado Rental Application

License / Price: Free
Version: Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc)
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It is recommended that the landlord of a property request any tenant applicants to complete this form before prior to any decisions being made. This Colorado Rental Application can be the difference between a landlord accepting a perfect tenant to the property, or a nightmare of a tenant that disrespects the landlord and property. One of the best parts of this rental application is the fact that the landlord may charge the tenant applicants the cost of the rental application, even if the landlord rejects their application.

A property owner may play the game of “trusting his/her own instincts”, damaging information regarding the tenant may go undiscovered if the tenant applicant does not complete this form. All in all, information regarding the applying individual’s personal information, employment/income history, and rental history will be thoroughly examined to ensure the landlord leases to only trustworthy, honest, and financially stable tenants.

Download (PDF, 141KB)