Connecticut Month to Month Lease Agreement Template

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The Connecticut month to month lease agreement allows for the renting of residential property on a monthly basis with no specified end date. Unlike a standard residential lease agreement, this contract renews each month with the payment of rent. Under Sec. 47a-23 either the landlord or tenant must provide at least “reasonable notice” before terminating the lease if the amount of notice is not stated in the agreement.

Even though this type of rental contract may be a short-term arrangement, it must still follow the residential State laws (Section 47a, Chapter 830). It is highly recommended that the landlord demand a security deposit and verify the tenant through a rental application.

Rent Increase  – There is no statute that provides a notice period a landlord must respect with regard to increasing the rent.

Minumum Termination Notice – There is no statute that defines a termination notice period for a month-to-month tenancy.

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