Delaware Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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The Delaware Residential Lease Agreement is the most common type of lease agreement, and is typically structured around one (1) month payments and a yearly contract. The agreement will go into effect once the landlord and tenant agree on who pays what maintenance or repair bills, they both sign the agreement, and the landlord obtains a security deposit (maximum of one (1) months’ rent – See Law) from the tenant (if required).

A security deposit is typically equivalent to one (1) months’ rent and may be reimbursed from the landlord if the tenant ends their lease without any preventable damage to the property. Along with the security deposit, the landlord should remember to ask the tenant to fill out a rental application, as it will expose the landlord to any previous rental, credit, employment, or criminal history in regard to the applying tenant.


Landlord-Tenant Code (Statute 25-5118) – Must be distributed to all tenants at the time of signature.

Agent Disclosure (Statute 25-5105) – The property manager and the owner(s) of the property must be dislcosed in the agreement.

Lead-Based Paint – Required for all residential units constructed before 1978.

Move-in Checklist – Not required by law, but is helpful for the tenant at the time of moving out, if a Security Deposit was collected by the landlord, in order to decrease the chance of a preexisting repair being blamed on the lessee.


Standard Version | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word

Standard Version | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word

Association of Realtors | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word

Association of Realtors | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word