Delaware Sub-lease Agreement

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Extremely popular with college students and individuals that desire a cheaper form of housing, the Delaware Sub-lease Agreement can help you designate your worries to more meaningful things in life – not your monthly rental costs. Typically a sub-lease agreement consists of the current tenant of a property, called the sub-lessor, sub-leasing out the currently rented property to another individual (for an agreed-upon amount), now called the sub-lessee. Although not completely necessary, the sub-lessor should inform the landlord that there are additional inhabitants to the property.

The sub-lessor should be aware of the possible downsides to sub-leasing the property to additional individual(s).

  • Any and all damage to the property conducted during the sub-lessee’s stay, is charged to the sub-lessor, regardless of who caused the damage.
  • If an eviction comes about, all charges are directed to the sub-lessor.
  • If the sub-lessee skips/denies a payment, the sub-lessor is required to pay the monthly rent in full.

See Laws – 25 > 55 > 5508 – Landlord remedies; restrictions on subleasing and assignments.


All sub-tenants must be given the following disclosure documents just as a regular landlord-tenant relationship;

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