Florida Rental Application

License / Price: Free
Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc)
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The Florida rental application is by far the most useful type of tenant reviewing tool you can find and allows a landlord to obtain the applying tenant’s criminal, credit, employment, and rental history. Thus, helping the property owner make a decision that will hopefully pay off in the long run (typically one (1) year).

The landlord can tell if the tenant will be honest, trustworthy, and financially secure solely off of reviewing their credit score and verifying any references. To add some add another benefit to the application, the landlord can also require the applying tenant to pay for any fees associated with any look-up – regardless whether the landlord accepts the tenant into the property or not. The landlord is also recommended to ask for a security deposit from the new tenants to cover any unwarranted damage to the property.

Florida Security Deposit Laws

Maximum – None.

Returning back to the Tenant (83.49) – The landlord must send the Security Deposit back to the tenant within fifteen (15) days of the lease term ending or other termination. If the tenant disagrees with the findings an itemized list of the repairs/fees must be shown and any other funds must be sent within forty-five (45) days thereafter (sixty (60) total from the vacating).

Rental App | PDF | Word

Rental App | PDF | Word