Georgia Sublease Agreement

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This Georgia Sub-lease Agreement is a common form among college students and individuals who are financially challenged and not able to rent residential space on their own.

How Does a Sublease Work?

The original tenant to a property, called the sub-lessor, forms an agreement with an individual to rent some or all of their space, called the sub-lessee. All of the liability still falls on the sub-lessor, meaning if the sub-lessee does not make monthly payments or damages the property in any way, the sub-lessor has to pay the rent in full.

This agreement is applicable for the use in court if it need be. The sub-lessor should treat the sub-lessee like the landlord treated the sub-lessor upon moved-in. Meaning the sub-lessor should ask the sub-lessee to fill out a rental application so the sub-lessor can have access to the sub-lessee’s credit, employment, rental, and criminal history so he can have a better perspective on deciding whether he trusts and would feel comfortable living with the sub-lessee.


Be aware that the sub-lessor must provide the following in as addendums to the sublease:

  • Lead-Based Paint – For use if the unit was built before 1978. This information can usually be found with the municipality’s building office or inspector.
  • Move-in Checklist – For use only if the sub-lessor collected a Security Deposit from the sub-lessee.
Georgia Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word

Georgia Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word