Hawaii Rental Application

License / Price: Free
Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc)
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It is recommended all landlords utilize the Hawaii rental application no matter what type of rental contract they decide to use. When used to it’s maximum potential, this application can inform the landlord of the applying tenant’s criminal, employment, rental, and credit information. This allows the property owner.manager/agent to make the fairest and best possible decision in regards to obtaining the most honest, trustworthy, and financially stable tenant.

In addition to using this rental application, we also recommend that the landlord request a security fee from the tenant once the tenant is accepted into the property. The security fee is typically equivalent to one (1) month’s pay of rent, and covers any accidental or purposeful damage to the property. If the tenant ends the lease with no damage to the property, then it is good practice for the landlord to refund the tenant the price of the security deposit.

Security Deposit Laws in Hawaii – 521-44

Maximum – The landlord may only ask for one (1) months’ rent from the tenant at the time of lease authorization. This must be accompanied by a move-in checklist.

Returning – At the end of the term or upon the tenant’s vacating the premises, the landlord must return the deposit within fourteen (14) days.

Hawaii Rental App | PDF | Word

Hawaii Rental App | PDF | Word