Hawaii SubLease Agreement

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The Hawaii sublease is mostly used by college undergraduates and those seeking to share residential space, also known as a ‘roommate agreement’. The original tenant to a property, known as the sub-lessor, will review an applying sub-lessee (the individual who will live in the same property with the sub-lessor through the rental application. Once reviewed and accepted, the sub-lessee will then move into the property.

The sub-lessor should be aware that if the sub-lessee does not pay a monthly payment, the sub-lesser is required to pay the monthly amount stated in the master lease. The landlord of the property should be informed of any new sub-lessee(‘s) on the property as is required by most standard rental agreements.

Required Disclosure Forms

According to Statute 521-42, the sub-lessor must fit the sub-lessee with a move-in checklist prior to accepting a Security Deposit (if applicable).

If the property was built prior to 1978 the lead-based paint disclosure must be handed to the sub-lessee to inform them of the hazardous material.

Hawaii Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word

Hawaii Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word