Idaho Month to Month Rental Agreement

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An Idaho month to month lease agreement is the preferred situation for individuals with no predetermined end lease date, and it consists of a lease that renews at the end of every month. As with any lease agreement, it is recommend the landlord to request a rental application be filled out by the tenant before the deal is finalized. Even though the tenant may only be staying at the property for a month, plenty of damage could still accrue, and verification help reduce any suspicion about the applying tenant to your property. If you decide to accept the tenant into your property, you will want to ask the tenant to pay a security fee that will cover any damage on the property caused by the tenant. If the tenant ends the lease without damaging the property, the landlord should remember to reimburse the tenant the cost of the security deposit.

Canceling or Vacating a Tenancy at Will

According to Statute 55-208, a landlord or tenant may terminate the lease with at least one (1) months’ notice to the other party.

Raising Rent

According to Statute 55-307, the landlord must give the tenant at least fifteen (15) days notice before the start of the next payment period before raising their rent.


There are no State requirements for disclosures in Idaho. The only requirement (via Federal Law) is the lead-based paint disclosure which is only for units built prior to 1978.

Idaho Month to Month Rental Agreement | PDF | Word

Idaho Month to Month Rental Agreement | PDF | Word