Idaho Residential Lease Agreement Template

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The Idaho residential lease agreement is designed for individuals who are looking for a standard, one (1) year lease agreement with monthly payments usually due on the first (1st) of every month. A rental contract like this can allow the landlord and tenant to agree on a set of terms and conditions and state who pays what in regards to property costs (i.e cable, electricity, heat, air-conditioning, etc.). It is highly advised that the landlord request the applying tenant to complete a rental application to access the applicant’s criminal, employment, rental, and credit history. If the landlord elects to accept the tenant, then it is also common practice that the landlord should ask the tenant to pay a security deposit (equal to one (1) month’s rent) on top of the first month’s payment (State law does not have a cap on their security deposit). If the tenant completes the lease with minimal or no preventable damage to the property, the landlord will typically reimburse the tenant the security deposit.

LawsTitle 55 (Property in General)

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