Idaho Sub-Lease Agreement

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Use the Idaho sublease agreement if an individual is currently a tenant on a property, and is looking to lessen the burden of the monthly rent or simply desires company and wants to let another individual live or take over the property. This agreement works without any assistance from the landlord, although the landlord should be informed, and any problems with the sub-lease are to be directed at the original tenant (known as the “sub-lessor”).

For example, if the new sub-tenant (called the “sub-lessee”) does not make payment with the monthly rent, the sub-lessor is required to pay that month’s rent in full. If the sub-lessee continues to leave the monthly rent unpaid, the sub-lessor can utilize this lease agreement in court through the eviction process. To help remedy any problems with the sub-lessee before they occur, the sub-lessor can ask the sub-lessee to complete a rental application and require a Security Deposit, which will give the sub-lessor access to the sub-lessee’s background and credit history. This will establish the sub-lessor to try and determine how trustworthy the sub-lessee will be before any commitment is made.


The Sub-lessor must check to see when the building was constructed. If it was before 1978 the lead-based paint disclosure document must be attached to the agreement and signed by the sub-lessee.

Idaho Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word

Idaho Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word