Illinois Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The Illinois month to month lease agreement is favored by individuals who are unsure of their exact time of stay at the property and by tourists alike. The lease is structured to expire at the end of every month, allowing the tenant to either renew with a simple payment of one (1) months’ rent. This type of tenant is typically light on possessions and the properties are, not always, but usually furnished. Some landlords may feel as though they do not need to ask the applying tenant(s) to complete a rental application because it would be easy to evict them, however, the same eviction laws apply to tenancy at will relationships as standard ones. To remedy this, the landlord should require the tenant to fill out a rental application.

Although the stay is possibly small, it is further recommended that the landlords ask the tenants to pay a security fee for the property, as this can ensure if any damage does occur to the property, it is already paid for from the deposit. If the tenant ends the lease with no damage to the property, it is common practice for the landlord to reimburse the tenant the cost of the security deposit within thirty (30) to forty (45) days.

Canceling/Raising Rent (5/9-207)

Canceling: Landlord or tenant must provide at least one (1) month notice before terminating the agreement.

Raising Rent: The landlord must also give one (1) month written notice before raising the rent the agreement.

Disclosure Forms

Lead-Based Paint (Per Lead Paint Prevention Code) – For housing built before 1978. Should be signed and acknowledged by all parties.

Radon – Not required to be tested, but if the landlord does receive a report of significantly high amounts of this gas the tenant(s) should be informed with this document.

Illinois Month to Month Lease Agreement | PDF | Word

Illinois Month to Month Lease Agreement | PDF | Word