Illinois Residential Lease Agreement Template

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The Illinois residential lease agreement outlines the details of a rental agreement between a landlord and tenant. This type of contract requires the tenant to pay their rent on a monthly basis and, unless it is renewed, expires after one (1) year. A rental application is often required from a potential tenant before the lease is signed. A rental application gives the landlord access to the applying tenant’s rental, criminal, employment, and credit history. In addition to the application, the landlord should request a security deposit at the beginning of the lease, which will cover any accidental damage to the property at the hands of the tenant. If the tenant ends the lease without any damage, the landlord will typically refund the tenant the cost of the security deposit. In Illinois, there is no limit on how much a landlord may request for the deposit.

Laws – Landlord and Tenant Act (765 ILCS 705); Security Deposit Return Act (765 ILCS 710); and Security Deposit Interest Act (765 ILCS 715).

Handbook – Your Guide to Landlord-Tenant Law (PDF)

Required Disclosures (6)

Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Public Act 094-0741, Section 10) – A landlord must provide a carbon monoxide detector within 15 feet of where the tenant is sleeping.

Concession Granted (765 ILCS 730) – Any type of concession for rent is required to be mentioned in the lease.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – For any residence constructed prior to 1978.

Radon Disclosure (420 ILCS 46) – The landlord, though not required to test for radon, can opt to do so. If they find out that radon exists on the premises, the landlord must relay the information to the tenant. This does not qualify for residences on the third (3rd) floor or higher in a residential complex. In addition, the IEMA approved Radon Disclosure Pamphlet should be given to the tenant.

Smoke Detectors (425 ILCS 60/3(d)) – It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide smoke detectors throughout the premises.

Shared Meter (765 ILCS 740/5) – If a tenant is required to pay a portion of a master utility, then the landlord must share the formula used to calculate the tenant’s financial responsibility.

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