Indiana Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The Indiana month to month lease is designed to appeal to individuals who desire a short lease term, or those who would like to have no set end date for the lease. This agreement allows the landlord or tenant to terminate the lease agreement with at least one (1) months’ notice in writing (32-31-1-1).

At the same time, the tenant may potentially be staying a short time at the property, it may result in the landlord neglecting to ask the tenant to complete a rental application which is always the recommended course of action by the landlord. The document gives the landlord access the applying tenant’s criminal, employment, rental, and credit history, allowing for the property owner to decide if the tenant is worthy to live in the property.

In addition, the landlord should ask for a security deposit from the tenant, as it will cover any tenant-caused damage to the property. The landlord typically refunds the tenant the cost of the security deposit if the lease ends with no damage to the property (Under Statute 32-31-3-12 the landlord must return the funds within forty-five (45) days).

Indiana Month to Month Lease Agreement | PDF | Word

Indiana Month to Month Lease Agreement | PDF | Word