Kansas Month to Month Lease Agreement

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The Kansas month to month lease agreement is preferred by individuals who are seeking a rental with no end date due to traveling, business, or any other reason that doesn’t allow them to be restricted to a lengthy lease term. The document ends at the end of every month, and allows the tenant to renew by a simple payment of the monthly rent. Although, in order to terminate the agreement properly, either party will need to give each other at least thirty (30) days’ written notice to one another (Statute 58-2570).

Due to a tenancy at will being under the Landlord and Tenant Handbook, the property owner/manager is still advised to screen every new tenant to ensure the property is in good hands and there are no financial or historical issues with the Rental Application.


  • Lead Paint – Only required if the premises was constructed prior to 1978.
  • Move-in Checklist – Required to be completed within five (5) days of initial occupancy by the tenant if a Security Deposit was required at the time of lease authorization.
Kansas Month to Month Rental Agreement | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word

Kansas Month to Month Rental Agreement | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word