Kansas Rental Application

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The Kansas Rental Application may be used for any type of lease by the landlord whenever reviewing an applying tenant to a property. After the document’s completion, the landlord may obtain the applying tenant’s background including; rental, employment, and credit history to ensure that only a trustworthy person that will make payments on time is accepted onto the premises.

The landlord may also require the tenant to pay the cost of the review, even if the tenant is not accepted. In addition, the landlord should ask the accepted tenant to pay a security deposit that will cover any tenant-induced damage to the property. The security deposit is typically equivalent to one (1) months’ payment of rent and the landlord should remember to reimburse the tenant the cost of the security deposit if the tenant ends the lease with minimal or no damage to the property.

  • Move-in Checklist – If the landlord accepts a deposit, the checklist must be completed by the tenant within five (5) days of occupancy in accordance with § 58-2548
Kansas Rental Application | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word

Kansas Rental Application | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word