Kentucky Seven (7) Day Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent | Eviction Notice Template

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The Kentucky seven (7) day notice to quit is an official notice stating that a tenant who has fallen behind on rent must vacate the premises or face possible legal action should they fail to pay the balance owed. The tenant is given seven (7) days to come up with the funds or else they will have to move out. Nevertheless, if the tenant decides to leave the property, they are still obligated to pay the back-rent to the landlord.

When Is Rent Due? (§ 383.565(2)) –  Rent must be paid as agreed upon in the lease. If unspecified, payments must occur on the first (1st) day of each month or rental period.

Laws (§ 383.660(2)) – If the tenant fails to pay rent, the landlord can serve them with seven (7) days’ notice to pay or quit.

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