Minnesota Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Template

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The Minnesota month-to-month lease agreement is an agreement for tenants seeking a type of contract with no set termination date and that allows them to leave with notice equivalent to one payment period. The landlord should approach the month-to-month agreement with the same cautiousness as one would a standard lease agreement as they will be legally required to carry out the same eviction process for at-will tenants should it be necessary. Therefore, every potential lessee should be screened through the rental application.

Rent Increase (See pages 11 and 18 of the Landlords and Tenants guide)– One (1) rental period plus one (1) day of notice must be given by the landlord to the tenant before increasing the rent.

Minimum Termination Notice (504B.135(a)) – Either party may terminate the tenancy at will with at least one (1) payment interval or three (3) months’ notice, whichever is lesser.

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