Missouri Sublease Agreement Template

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The Missouri sublease agreement may be structured to fit the needs of a tenant who is under contract for a residential dwelling and wishes to sublet either the entire space of a portion thereof to another individual; if a portion of the space is being rented, the contract should be set up as a roommate agreement. The original tenant, the “sublessor,” will be fully responsible for the actions of the sub-tenant, or “sublessee,” when it comes to rent payment, repairs, and vacating when the sublease is over. In order to ensure that the sublessee is credible, the sublessor should lookup their information with the help of the rental application.

  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Notifies tenants of whether lead paint is contained in the unit (only needed if the residence was constructed before 1978). The sublessee may need to verify this information with a municipal office such as construction/building office.

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