Montana Rental Application

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Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)
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The Montana rental application is utilized by a landlord or sublessor to screen any potential tenants to a property. Once completed, the form allows the landlord to view the tenant’s employment, rental, and credit history, helping to determine if the applying individual is an honest and financially secure individual.

On top of utilizing this document,  the landlord of a property should also request the new tenant to pay a security deposit, which is usually equivalent to one (1) months pay of rent (but may be any amount as requested by the landlord) and covers and damage to the property at the hands of the tenant. If the property remains damage-free at the end of the lease, it is good practice for the landlord to reimburse the tenant the cost of the security deposit as soon as possible with a State law of ten (10) days for non-deducted amounts and thirty (30) days if it is subtracted (§ 70-25-202).

  • If the landlord charges the tenant a Security Deposit, the move-in checklist must be attached to the lease as an addendum.

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