New Hampshire Seven (7) Day Notice to Quit | Nonpayment of Rent Template

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The New Hampshire seven (7) day notice to quit for non-payment is served upon a tenant who is currently behind on their monthly payment(s). The notice offers the tenant a choice of either paying the overdue amount or vacating the premises within seven (7) days. Should the tenant choose to neither pay rent or vacate, the landlord will be permitted to cancel their tenancy and file for an eviction in court. The notice to quit must also be served with the demand for rent in accordance with § 540:2 which gives an itemized list of all the amounts that are due to the landlord.

Demand for Rent Form – This form is required to be attached to the notice to quit if the tenant has failed to pay rent.

When is Rent due? (§ 540:1) – The tenant must pay rent on the date specified in the lease agreement or upon demand by the landlord.

Laws N.H. Rev. Stat. §§ 540:2 (II)(a) & 540:3(I)

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