New Hampshire Sub-Lease Agreement

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The New Hampshire sublease contract is a document primarily used by roommates and university students as it allows the renting of property by a person who holds a fixed lease with a landlord. Most often the property manager/owner must be notified as the original lease forbids the use of subletting without their consent. If this is the case the lessor’s signature is required on a document that states permission has been granted to the original tenant.

The sublessor, or the original tenant, should understand that they will hold any and all responsibility of anyone that is allowed onto the premises. This is in relation to the sublessee; paying rent, following the original lease’s terms and conditions, vacating on-time, and leaving the premises in good condition. Due to this exposure it is recommended the sublessor verify every tenant with the rental application.

Sublessor’s Required Disclosures

  • Lead Paint  Only if the housing structure was built prior to 1978. (See Vision Appraisal).
  • Moving Checklist – To be filled-in by the sublessee within five (5) days of occupancy.
  • Security Deposit Receipt – To be given to the sublessee if the deposit was not made with a check (bank, personal, or government).
New Hampshire SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

New Hampshire SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word