New Hampshire Sublease Agreement Template

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The New Hampshire sublease agreement allows a fixed-term leaseholder to rent a portion or the entirety of their rental space to another party known as a “sublessee.” The document is primarily used by roommates and university students who intend to leave the premises for an extended period. More often than not, the property manager/owner must be notified of the sublease agreement as the original lease may forbid subletting without their consent. If this is the case, the lessor’s signature is required on a document that states that permission has been granted to the original tenant.

The original tenant, or “sublessor,” should understand that they will hold all responsibility for anyone that is allowed on the premises. What this means is that the sublessor will be liable if the sublessee fails to pay rent, follow the original lease’s terms and conditions, vacate on time, or leave the premises in good condition. Due to this high risk, it is recommended that the sublessor verify every tenant with the rental application before signing an agreement officially.

Sublessor’s Required Disclosures

  • Lead Paint Informs tenants of hazardous paint which may be contained in the residence. This form is only needed if the housing structure was built prior to 1978.
  • Moving Checklist – To be filled in by the sublessee within five (5) days of occupancy if the sublessor accepted a security deposit.
  • Security Deposit Receipt – To be given to the sublessee if the deposit was not made with a check (bank, personal, or government).

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