New Jersey SubLease Agreement

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A New Jersey sublease agreement is a form written forĀ a tenant, sublessor, who holds a master lease with a property owner and decides to let someone else, sublessee, occupy the same space in exchange for monthly rent. The sublessor must make sure that in the master lease it does not limit them from subletting the premises, and if so, they must seek the written permission from the landlord to allow them to rent the entire space or a portion of it.

The sublessor will be recognized as the individual that will hold any and all financial and legal responsibility for the sublessee. For example, if the sublessee does not pay rent on time the sublessor remains bound to the master lease and must pay the agreed upon amount. Therefore it is imperative that the sublessor screen any potential sublessee with the rental application to ensure they are working and have the financial means to pay the monthly amount.


Flooding – If the property is located in a flood zone, See FEMA Map, the sublesseeĀ must be made aware.

Lead Paint – If the housing unit was built before 1978 this form is required to be completed and signed by every sublessee.

Truth in Renting – If the housing structure has two (2) or more units in it, this form must be handed out.

New Jersey SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

New Jersey SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word