North Carolina SubLease Agreement

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The North Carolina sublease is a form that allows a tenant to allow someone else, known as the sublessee, to occupy their space for payment. The tenant must usually get a formal request or permission from the landlord that allows them to ‘sublet’ as most standard lease documents do not allow this type of arrangement.

The tenant has a choice of one (1) of two (2) ways to conduct this type of relationship;

  1. Entire Space – This is the most common that allows the sublessee to occupy the entire space. This is primarily used by college/university students when they go home in the summer and winter but may be considered for anyone looking to re-rent their space.
  2. Roommate – If a tenant would like to rent one of the rooms in their residential dwelling, the agreement may be setup so their is a shared arrangement of the common facilities but that the sublessee has full rights to their bedroom or described space.


The tenant should realize that they, not the landlord, will bear the full responsibility for the sublessee. This means that if the new tenant does not pay rent, causes damage to the property, or does not leave at the intended time, that the original tenant will bear the exposure and cost of any possible eviction. Therefore the original tenant should always screen anyone entering the property with the rental application.


Lead-Paint – The sublessor will have to check with the local assessor or building department to see if the housing unit was built before 1978. If so, this form must be given to any and all sub-tenants.

Security Deposit Notice – If the sublessor accepts a deposit, they must send the subtenant the information about the bank name and location of where the funds are being held.

North Carolina SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

North Carolina SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word