North Dakota Sublease Agreement Template

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The North Dakota sublease agreement is a special type of contract that enables a lease-holding tenant to collect rent from a sub-tenant and allow them to occupy the same rental space. The landlord will generally need to be notified of this arrangement since most master leases prohibit subletting without their written consent. Every sublessor should carefully read their lease and look for the section titled “SUBLETTING” to see what the rules are for the property. Depending on the situation, the sublessor will either rent the entire space to the sublessee or a portion thereof. The sublessee should note that they will be the sole person responsible for the actions of the sublessor. Therefore, it is encouraged that any potential renters be screened through the rental application.

Sublessor’s Disclosures

The sublessor is held to the same level as a landlord and must provide the sub-tenant with the following information (if applicable):

Lead-Based Paint – The sublessor will have to check with their local code or ordinance office to determine whether the dwelling was built before 1978. If it was, the sublessor must provide this disclosure to all sublessees to notify them of potentially hazardous paint that may exist in the unit.

Move-in Checklist – If requested, the subtenant must be provided with this form and sign to ensure that any current repairs needed are not reflected in the itemized statement and deducted from the funds at the end of the term.

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