Ohio Residential Lease Agreement

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The Ohio residential lease agreement, also known as a Standard Lease, is a one (1) year arrangement for the use of property by an individual in order to live day to day. The individual, known as the tenant, will be required to pay a monthly rental amount, be responsible for the utilities as described in the contract, and abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties.

The landlord should take caution with every potential lessee by screening them with the rental application for credit, background, and previous housing purposes. This will give the landlord a good idea of who the tenant is and if they are in a position to afford the agreed upon monthly rent.


Lead Paint – Federal law that requires any and all housing structures erected before 1978 to have this form issued to the tenants occupying the space. If applicable, the landlord must attach this form to the lease and have all parties authorize.

Identification – Landlord is required to inform the tenant of their contact information along with any manager(s) that may be allowed on the property. This notice must be made in the lease agreement.

Ohio Standard Residential Lease Agreement | PDF | Word

Ohio Standard Residential Lease Agreement | PDF | Word