Rhode Island Residential Lease Agreement

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Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc)
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The Rhode Island residential lease agreement is a document suited for individuals looking to occupy livable space for a common period of one (1) year. The landlord and tenant will be required to negotiate the following before authorizing the document;

  • Length of Lease Term
  • Beginning of Lease
  • End of Lease
  • Landlord’s Name & Mailing Address
  • Tenant’s Name
  • Monthly Rental Amount
  • Address of Property Tenant is Renting
  • Appliances and Furniture Granted to Property
  • Any Restrictions Regarding the Lease

Once the contract is complete and the tenant pays the security deposit and the first (1st) month’s rent, the agreement will become official. It is highly recommended that the landlord requests the tenant to pay a security deposit, which is typically equivalent to one (1) month’s rent, and covers any tenant-caused damage to the property.


Identification – The landlord and any manager(s) authorized to be on the property must be listed in the contract.

Lead-Based Paint – Federal form only required if the housing was built prior to the year 1978.

Security Deposit – The bank name and address of must be given to the lessee at the time of occupancy.

Rhode Island Residential Lease Agreement | PDF | Word

Rhode Island Residential Lease Agreement | PDF | Word