South Carolina Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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A South Carolina commercial lease agreement is a binding contract between a business, represented by an entity or individual, and a landlord that owns non-residential space such as retail, office, or industrial. The form may be set up in three (3) different ways;

  1. Gross – The tenant pays a monthly amount and the landlord takes care of all utilities and expenses related to the property.
  2. Modified-Gross – Tenant and landlord negotiate and share all the costs associated with the premises.
  3. Triple-Net (NNN) – The tenant not only pays an agreed upon monthly amount to the landlord but is responsible for any and all expenses related to the property.

There are a few other things a landlord should consider before the parties sign a commercial lease agreement. If this is a long-standing business, taking a look at their previous tax returns would be reasonable. (Entities can also be checked with the Secretary of State’s office to ensure that they are in good standing.) On the other hand, if this business is new, the landlord might want to require a personal guaranty in case the business fails.

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