South Dakota Residential Lease Agreement

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The South Dakota residential lease agreement is a written contract between a property owner and/or manager and an individual looking to rent the space for a livable use. The document specifies terms and conditions between the parties, most importantly, the amount of monthly payment to be made on behalf of the lessee. Also included is who will be responsible for the utilities and if there are any other fees such as; parking, pet(s), etc.

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

Rental Application – It is highly recommended that the landlord ensure that the tenant is qualified to live on the premises by reviewing their credit and history with this document. This will allow the lessor to see if the tenant has paid their rent on time with other rentals as well as kept them in good condition upon vacating.

Security Deposit (Statute 43-32-6.1) – Unless the landlord can make the case that the tenant poses a higher than normal risk to the property, the lessor may only charge the tenant one (1) month’s rent as the deposit.


Lead Paint – Due to federal law, every housing unit built before 1978 must have this form attached to the lease to identify the potential of lead paint on the premises.

Methamphetamine – If the landlord has any knowledge of the premises being used as a meth lab or to produce methamphetamine in any way it must be relayed to the tenant.

South Dakota Residential Lease | PDF | Word

South Dakota Residential Lease | PDF | Word