Utah Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Template

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The Utah month-to-month rental agreement is a document that outlines an arrangement between a landlord and tenant with regard to the use of livable space. This type of contract is temporary but at the same time can last indefinitely. Whereas other agreements have a fixed end-date, a month-to-month agreement continues until either party sees fit to terminate the arrangement, with or without proper cause. This is known as a “tenancy at will” and, as long as the proper notice periods are adhered to, neither party can be at fault for ending the tenancy relatively abruptly. All other terms and conditions contained within this rental contract are the same or similar to those in any other legally binding lease.

Rent Increase – Rent increase is not mentioned in State law.

Minimum Termination Notice (§ 78B-6-802) – The landlord or tenant must give at least fifteen (15) days’ notice before the next payment date to discontinue the rental contract.

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