Utah SubLease Agreement

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A sublease agreement is a template used for a tenant that has decided to rent the space they have to someone else under the pretense that they will move out no later than the ending of the original lease. The master agreement, between the landlord and tenant, must be abided by and the new tenant, or “sublessee”, will have also an arrangement with the original tenant that will mirror the same guidelines except the monthly payment to be negotiated.


The original tenant agrees to bear any and all responsibility for the premises on behalf of the sublessee. Therefore, if the monthly payment is not made, damage created to the property, or anything that violates the original lease the sublessor shall be at fault. Therefore the rental application is highly recommended before accepting new tenants.


Lead Paint – If the sublessor is aware that the property was improved before 1978 then this form must be given to the sublessee.

Utah SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

Utah SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word