Utah Three (3) Day Notice to Quit for Nonpayment of Rent Template

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The Utah three (3) day notice to quit is a warning delivered to a tenant who has failed to pay rent as per the terms of their lease agreement. This notice gives the tenant three business (3) days after delivery of the notice to pay the landlord or face eviction. If payment is not made, the landlord will have the right to seek legal counsel and, eventually, start eviction procedures. The tenant also has the right to leave the premises without facing legal action, although, the tenant will remain liable for the rest of their lease. If the tenant does leave the premises earlier than their lease termination date, the landlord will have the option to send any remaining rent payments to a collection agency.

When is Rent due? – Not expressly contained within Utah Statutes.

Laws U.C.A. 1953 § 78B-6-802(c)

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