West Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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The West Virginia month to month lease is a residential agreement, sometimes referred to as a “tenancy at will”, that allows the tenant to rent thirty (30) days at a time. This type of arrangement is ideal for short term renters and those who do not know how long they will be at a property and do not want to be bound by a fixed term contract.


According to 37-6-5 the landlord or tenant have “one full payment period” to give the other legal notice of canceling the arrangement. Notice should be sent via Certified Mail via Return Receipt in order to have legal proof that the mailing was sent. Therefore the sending party does not have to worry about the receiving party denying the act of viewing the letter of termination.


Lead Paint – The landlord has to inform the tenant of the possible exposure to lead based paint if the housing structure was built prior to 1978.

West Virginia Month to Month Lease | PDF | Word

West Virginia Month to Month Lease | PDF | Word