West Virginia Sub-lease Agreement

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Download the West Virginia SubLease agreement, which is also referred to as a ‘Roommate Agreement’, primarily for college students and tenants looking for someone else to rent the same space for payment. The landlord may have to be notified or permission granted if the original lease with the tenant bars the act of subletting or the use is not allowed. Nevertheless the landlord should always be notified if another individual is to be living on the premises.


Under a sublease the original tenant, or sublessor, will be acting much like the landlord and if the new tenant, or sublessee, does not pay the sublessor takes the pain. Also the landlord is still owed their rent in the original lease. So the sublessor will want to make sure that the person(s) they make an agreement with are qualified and with the rental application they may legally check their background and employment.

West Virginia SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word

West Virginia SubLease Agreement | PDF | Word