Wisconsin Sub-Lease Agreement

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The Wisconsin sublease is a legal document used for the renting of space from a tenant, that has a signed lease to a property, and a person seeking to make an agreement for the same space. A sublease may be setup by the original tenant, or ‘sublessor’, for the entire space to be rented or for a partial part of it. Either way the sublessor will have to check with the landlord if subletting is not allowed in their original lease to get permission.

The sublessor, not the landlord, will be fully responsible for the sublessee. This means that the original tenant will remain paying the amount due in the lease signed with the landlord whether or not the sublessee pays on time. On the same token any damage brought to the property by the sublessee will be the full responsibility of the sublessor.

For these reasons a security deposit should be requested along with a verification of their employment and financials through the rental application.


Even though the tenant is not a landlord they must still provide the following State required disclosure forms

  • Lead Paint – For any housing unit that was built before 1978. The sublessor may have to check with the local government authorities such as the building department in their county/town or check to see if it was provided in their lease with the landlord.
  • Move-in Checklist – Only required if the sublessor accepted a security deposit at the time of sublease signing. This checklist is intended to allow the sublessee to mark down any pre-existing damage that is on the premises prior to move-in.
  • Nonstandard Rental Provisions


  • Roommate Agreement | PDF
  • Sublet Agreement | PDF | Word

Roommate Agreement | PDF

Roommate Agreement | PDF

Sublease | PDF | Word

Sublease | PDF | Word