Wyoming Sub-Lease Agreement

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The Wyoming sublease is a document used for tenants that would like to rent out their residential unit while they are still under contract with the landlord. Under some circumstances the landlord must be notified of this arrangement, such as if the original lease between the landlord and tenant does not allow the act of subletting.

Sublessor Liability

The sublessor will be responsible for the sublessee for the following issues;

  • Monthly Payment – If the sublessee does not pay the sublessor the landlord remains due the payment in the original lease;
  • Damage by the Sublessee;
  • Violation of the Original Lease – If any terms of the original lease are violated by the sublessee it will be the responsibility of the sublessor to cure the issue(s);
  • Eviction – If the sublessee needs to be evicted it will be the responsibility of the sublessor.
Wyoming Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word

Wyoming Sublease Agreement | PDF | Word