Arizona Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

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An Arizona standard residential lease agreement is a document wherein a tenant agrees to lease out a property for a term of at least one (1) year. The form enables both parties to review the terms and conditions by which they must operate and, once signed, can be used as a point of reference that will hold both tenant and landlord accountable. Provisions such as the amount of rent, the due date for payment, the existence and application of late fees, and the payment of utilities must be discussed and relayed within the form prior to execution.

Something that should be taken care of for every lease agreement is an individual background check. This gives the landlord a glimpse into the individual’s financial history and criminal history, ensuring the landlord that the tenant will be able to pay rent in a timely manner.

Laws – Arizona Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (§ 33-1301 – § 33-1381)

State Disclosures

  • § 33-1321 – All non-refundable payments including Security Deposits must be made in writing.
  • § 33-1322 – All tenants must be made aware of the Landlord and Tenant Act available at the Secretary of State’s Website.
  • All tenants must be provided with the move-in/move-out worksheet.
  • All tenants must be made aware of the infestation of bed bugs (if applicable). If there is an infestation, they should be given the information sheet to be made aware of how to get rid of them (See Statute).

Federal Disclosures

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