Arkansas 10-Day Notice to Quit | Late Rent Template

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The Arkansas ten-day notice to quit form is to be used at the landlord’s discretion to grant the tenant the ability to get caught up on rent by warning them of the tardiness of the owed amount, any applicable fees, and the possibility of eviction should the tenant fail to fulfill their obligations. According to § 18-17-701(b), after rent is five (5) days late, the property owner has the right to terminate the rental contract; therefore, this notice is particularly generous in regard to the length of its notice period.

When is rent due? – Rent must be paid on the date agreed upon by both parties in the rental contract (A.C.A. § 18-17-701). Rent, however, shall not be in arrears until the five (5) days are up. The landlord may serve this notice after that period, that is, on the sixth (6th) day after rent was due. 

LawsA.C.A. § 18-60-304(3)

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