Colorado Sub-lease Agreement

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This Colorado Sub-lease Agreement is popular with individuals who are financially struggling, college students, or any seeking a new roommate. This lease contract allows the original tenant of a property, called the “sub-lessor” to rent out the same property to another individual called the “sub-lessee”. Both the original tenant and the new sub-lessee pay the monthly rent, although the original sub-lessor is still in charge of payment and communication with the landlord.

An issue with the sub-lease agreement can occur if the sub-lessee skips a payment, as it does not involve the landlord, and must be dealt with solely by the sub-lessor. This Colorado Sub-lease agreement form is a legal contract, which can be utilized by the sub-lessor if the sub-lessee continues to skip payments. Although not necessary, some problems can be solved prior by having the sub-lessor inform the landlord of the new sub-lessee(s), or even by having the sub-lessor screen the new sub-lessee(s) with a background check before they move into the property.

  • It is recommended that the new tenant, if a deposit was made at the time of lease signing, fill-in a move-in checklist to ensure that the space being rented does not have prior damage that is unaccounted at the end of the term.

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