Hawaii Month-to-Month Lease Agreement Template

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The Hawaii month-to-month lease agreement is structured so that it renews at the end of every month unless notice is given by either the landlord or tenant. This provides greater flexibility for both parties as neither are locked into a one (1) year term that is difficult to terminate before the predetermined end date.  Like the other lease contracts, it is recommended that the property owner ask the applying tenant(s) to fill out a rental application. Once the application is completed, the landlord will have access to important information such as the applying tenant’s employment, criminal, rental, and credit to ensure that they are reliable and financially able to pay rent on time.

Note: All landlord-tenant laws located in the handbook apply to all short and long-term renters (including month-to-month).

Rent Increase (§ 521-21(d)) – The landlord can increase rent only if they provide the tenant with forty-five (45) days’ notice.

Minimum Termination Notice (§ 521-71) – In a month-to-month tenancy, a landlord must give forty-five (45) days’ notice to terminate. A tenant must give twenty-eight (28) days.

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