Iowa Residential (1-Year) Lease Agreement

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The Iowa one (1) year residential lease agreement is infused with monthly payments due typically on the first (1st). The contract goes into effect usually after the tenant is approved by completing the rental application, and the landlord and tenant agree to the terms and conditions of the form.

Disclosure and Other Forms

Landlord/Manager/Agent Identity – According to 562A.13 the lease must disclose the person(s) authorized to enter the property during the course of the term.

Shared Utilities – According to 562A.13, if the tenant is sharing any meter with the landlord or any other tenants, the agreement must state how the bill will be calculated for all the parties.

Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System – According to 562A.13, if a residence exists in this database then it must be disclosed to the tenant.

Lead-Based Paint – Only to be used if the housing structure was built prior to 1978.




Realtor Version | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word

Realtor Version | Adobe PDF | Microsoft Word