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Iowa lease agreements are written between a landlord and tenant for the renting of commercial or residential property. The landlord will commonly request the personal information of the tenant, through a rental application, and screen their employment and income. If approved, the tenant will be presented with a finalized lease with the security deposit and 1st month’s rent due prior to occupancy.


Iowa Lease Agreements

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The Iowa three (3) day eviction notice, or “notice to quit,” is a document that landlords can serve onto tenants that have not paid their rent. The notice gives the tenant three (3) days to pay their rent that is due, along with any other overdue payments, or vacate the premises. If they are able to pay the rent within the notice period, they may maintain the lease. The landlord must follow the applicable laws if he or she is…


The Iowa rental application is a document that, once completed by potential tenants, gives landlords access to the criminal, credit, job, and rental history of their various candidates. After processing the look-up, the landlord will be able to make the decision of whether the applying tenant is trustworthy, honest, and financially stable enough to rent their property. To help add security to the landlord’s decision, the landlord can request the already accepted tenant to pay a security deposit, which is…


The Iowa standard residential one (1) year lease agreement is the standard rental agreement drawn up between a landlord and tenant. The contract describes the terms by which both parties agree to operate, including the provisions regarding utilities, prohibited activities, and the payment schedule. The agreement must be renewed after one (1) year and is maintained by the tenant’s monthly payments (usually due on the first of the month). Before the tenant is approved, they may be required to complete the…


The Iowa month-to-month rental agreement, or “tenancy at will,” is typically used for situations in which the exact duration of a tenant’s residence at a landlord’s property is unknown. With this type of rental contract, the document automatically renews every thirty (30) days when the tenant pays their monthly rent. Nonetheless, State law requires that both landlords and tenants give the other party advance notice before terminating the lease. Rent Increase (§ 562A.13(5)) – Landlords must give at least thirty (30)…

An Iowa commercial lease agreement is a rental contract that can be used for retail, industrial, and office space to legally record the agreement between a landlord and a tenant. The contract is structured to rent on a price per square foot basis and the term is usually more than one (1) year with options to renew. The landlord should review the tenant’s credit profile by having them complete a rental application and see the entity’s status with the Secretary…

The Iowa sublease agreement works to reduce the financial burden of a tenant by renting a portion or all of the rental space to another individual (called the “sublessee” or “subtenant”). It works by having the current tenant of a property (called “the sublessor”), agree to rent either the partial or entire space to another individual, the sublessee. Both parties can be living together as roommates sharing the same utilities depending on how the agreement is structured. However, the responsibility of…


Identification (§ 562A.13(1)) – The landlord must disclose in the agreement the names of all individuals allowed to access the premises.

Shared Utilities (§ 562A.13(4)) – If the tenant is sharing a meter with another tenant or the landlord, it must state in the agreement how the cost of the utility is allocated between all who are on it.

Environmental (§ 562A.13(6)) – The landlord must disclose in writing if their property is listed in the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System.

Lead-Based Paint – If the property was constructed prior to the year 1978, this disclosure must be included in the agreement and acknowledged by the tenant.


Maximum (562A.12(1)) – The landlord may charge up to two (2) months’ rent.

Returning (562A.12(3)) – Within thirty (30) days after the tenant has given access back to the landlord.


Notice (562A.19(3)) – Landlord must give at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice before entering the property for any scheduled maintenance.


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