Iowa SubLease Agreement

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The Iowa sublease agreement works to help reduce the financial burden of the monthly payments on a tenant in a property by including others to rent space in the same property. It works by having the current tenant of a property, the sublessor, agree to rent either partial or the entire space to another individual, the sublessee. Both parties can be living together as roommates sharing the same utilities depending on how the agreement is structured.

However, the responsibility of the new tenant rests fully on the sublessor, not the landlord. The following are potential problems that can arise with the sub-lease agreement:

  • If the sublessee damages the property, the sublessor is required to deal with the damage, not the landlord.
  • If the sublessee does not pay the agreed-upon contribution to the monthly rent payment, the sublessor has to come up with the money in full.
  • If an eviction is needed on the sublessee, all charges are directed to the sublessor

Due to the above related issues the sublessor should utilize the rental application to screen the sublessee before he or she moves into the property.