Maine Seven (7) Day Eviction Notice | Late Rent | Notice to Quit Template

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The Maine seven (7) day eviction notice is for a residential landlord to submit to a tenant that is late on their monthly rent payment. Rent is allowed to be paid up to fifteen (15) days’ past its due date before it can be considered late (§ 6028(1)). If rent remains unpaid for seven (7) days or more after it is late, the landlord may issue the eviction notice. Once the notice has been given to the tenant, they have a total of seven (7) days to either pay the total amount due or face vacating the premises. Even if the tenant moves out, they remain legally obligated to pay the full amount due (plus up to four percent (4%) interest, as stated in the lease).

When Is Rent Due? – No statute; as stated in the lease.

Laws (14 M.R.S.A. § 6002(1)(C)) – If the tenant is seven (7) or more days late to pay their rent, the landlord may serve them with a seven (7) day written notice to pay or quit the premises.

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