Maine Rental Lease Agreement Templates | PDF | Word

The Maine rental agreements are primarily used for property owners and managers of commercial or residential property to write a contract between an individual or entity seeking to rent space. In order for the agreement to be legally finalized it needs to have the required disclosures (see below) and be signed by both parties. Although, it is recommended that every landlord view a potential tenant's background, credit, and references to get the best idea if the applicant is a good fit for the premises.

The Maine commercial lease agreement was written for property owners looking to allow someone to occupy their office, industrial, or retail space. All agreements must follow State laws (Title 14, §6017). There are three (3) main ways to structure this type of arrangement: Gross – Tenant is only responsible for the monthly payment, landlord is responsible for any and all related costs to the premises. Modified Gross – Tenant is responsible for the monthly payment in addition to a shared arrangement…

The Maine month to month rental agreement, or tenancy at will, is defined as a legal contract does not have a stated length of time but renews with payment and may be cancelled at anytime with notice*. The landlord will typically take the same precautions as a standard tenant due to the eviction laws being the same for all types of residential lessees and therefore request a rental application. Once complete, the landlord will make a decision on approval/disapproval. *Notice Title 14,…

The Maine rental application helps the landlord of a property screen any applying tenants to commercial or residential space. The form allows for the tenant to be viewed by their financial credentials as well as any references related to their prior renting experience and current/past employers. Depending on how thorough the landlord is in making their decision, it can take up to three (3) days and the property owner/manager may request a non-refundable fee for conducting the verification. Security Deposits – Title 14,…

The most popular type of rental contract in the State of Maine, the standard residential lease is a term of usually one (1) year between a landlord and tenant. The agreement should follow all State laws, located in Title 14, Chapter  710, and once the contract has been signed by both parties along with the *required disclosures it becomes legally binding to both landlord and tenant for the term stated. All tenants are highly recommended to go through a screening process to ensure that…

The Maine eviction notice is for a residential landlord to submit to a tenant that is late on their monthly payment. Rent is allowed to be fifteen (15) days’ late (6028) before the landlord is allowed to grant the notice to quit. Once the notice has been given to the tenant, they have a total of seven (7) days to either pay the total amount due or face vacating the premises.

The Maine sublease, or sometimes called the “roommate agreement”, lets a tenant that has a current rental contract with the property owner/manager. Typically, a standard lease does not allow the act of subletting by a tenant, if this is the case the tenant will have to seek the written permission from the landlord. If the original tenant, or sublessor, is having issues with their tenant, or sublessee, they should bear in mind that they will bear the full responsibility including;…

Maine LawsTitle 14 Chapter 710


Bedbugs (6021-A) – If an adjacent unit is infested or being treated for bedbugs the tenant will need to be made aware through this form.

Energy Efficiency (6030-C) – This statement must be provided to the tenant to inform them of the energy output of the property.

Lead-Based Paint (federal law) – Required for every rental unit built prior to 1978.

Radon (6030-D) – Must be shown to the tenant and list the last testing results of the property. Starting in 2012 all residential properties must be tested every ten (10) years.

Smoking Policy/Rules (6030-E) – The lessor must inform the tenant of the places where they can and cannot smoke on the premises.


Security DepositsTitle 14 Chapter 710-A

Maximum (6032) – Two (2) months’ rent.

Returning (6033) – Thirty (30) days.

Access by Landlord (6025)

The landlord must give at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice before entering the premises for any non-emergency reason.